Palm Beach Compounding Pharmacy

Palm Beach Compounding Pharmacy

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About Us

We are a specialty Pharmacy that customize Medications to meet the unique needs of Patients. Our Compounding Pharmacy solves Patient Medication problems by using the finest ingredients to formulate medications in the optimal strength and dosage form for each patient. Our Compounding Laboratory contains equipment that is not found in most Pharmacies. Enabling us to compound each medication to the prescribers exact specifications. We consider the physical and chemical properties of active and inactive ingredients in order to prepare customized medications with the proper consistency , stability, texture, color, and taste.
When a patient has a resistant or unique problem and commercially manufactured dosage forms do not meet his or her specific needs, or if a drug is unpalatable or side effects of commercially available medications are unacceptable, contact our compounding professionals. We can change the dosage form or route of administration.


  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Veterinary preparations
  • Sterile opthalmic and injectables
  • pain managment
  • hard to find medicines

Rep/Contact Info

James Mezheritskiy