Downtown Palm Beach Gardens and ShopCore Properties are Busy as a Bee in Preparation for Earth Day

Beehives to be installed across the U.S. in 30 of ShopCore’s shopping centers
(Chicago, Ill.) – Something new is buzzing at ShopCore Properties! In honor of Earth Day and as part of its ongoing sustainability initiatives, the real estate company that leases and manages shopping centers across the U.S. will be installing beehives at 30 of their properties throughout 12 states. The installation builds upon a pilot of the urban beekeeping program installed at two properties in 2021.
Sustainability is central to our mission, our mandate and our purpose,” said Corinne Rico, Director of Sustainability for ShopCore Properties. “From our properties to our communities, prioritizing the environment is part of how we do business. Installing beehives is one more layer to our sustainability and environmental goals. Bees play an exceedingly important role in a thriving ecosystem, and the honey they produce is rich in antioxidants. So, bees are advantageous for not only the environment but also your health!”
ShopCore Properties will install the beehives during 2022 and will harvest the honey in the fall. The honey will then be packaged and offered to the community as a gift. Each beehive will have approximately 50,000 bees and will be cared for by local beekeepers.
“ShopCore aims to be an industry leader when it comes to our sustainability initiatives, and we look to partner with our tenants to mutually achieve our goals,” continued Rico. “We have more than 50 shopping centers across the United States. We recognize each property is unique and will have its own set of solutions to advance sustainability, and we encourage creativity to do so. We are proud of our unique mix of shops and restaurants, many of which sell ecofriendly products and services.”
Among other initiatives, ShopCore Properties’ sustainability solutions include benchmarking and tracking energy consumption; green leasing practices; reducing energy, water, and waste; installing renewable energy systems; incorporating sustainability into all business decisions and installing electric vehicle charging stations across its parking areas.
The organization is recognized as a 2021 Green Lease Leader; is an Energy Star partner; piloted the WELL Health-Safety Rating; established its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee; established its Support, Empower, Engage, Develop (SEED) women’s initiative; and donated 12.5+ million meals to CoreGiving in partnership with fellow portfolio companies. In addition, ShopCore Properties has committed to net zero Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030.
ShopCore is a vertically integrated real estate company with internalized leasing, development, property management, legal, accounting and asset management functions. Currently ShopCore leases and manages 50+ shopping centers covering approximately 20mm+ square-feet across 19 states. For more information on ShopCore Properties and its sustainability goals, please email sustainability@shopcore.com or visit shopcore.com/sustainability.