Mint Eco Car Wash Announces Plan to Improve Traffic at Southern Boulevard Location

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Mint Eco Car Wash Announces Plan to Improve Traffic at Southern Boulevard Location

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, August 10, 2022 - Mint Eco Car Wash has announced its plan to invest over $1.25MM to solve the well-known West Palm Beach Southend neighborhood traffic issue on Southern Boulevard and South Olive Avenue. This particular intersection near their 316 Southern Boulevard location has many problems, one of which is the traffic flow Southbound on Olive Avenue. 

Mint Eco has been working for over two years to solve this problem…without success. To date, Mint Eco has invested over $1MM in renovating and redesigning the site to process customers faster (Chick-Fil-A tablets in the driveway, new computer system, multiple employees in the driveway, redesigned interior services and canopies, and added new tunnel equipment). In addition, Mint Eco has presented a plan to the City to redesign the traffic lanes on South Olive in front of the wash, which was declined. While many of these efforts helped, none of them solved the problem.

On April 22, Mint Eco Car Wash entered into a contract to purchase the property immediately to the South of their site on South Olive. The acquisition of this property will allow Mint Eco to close the existing entrance/exit and move their entrance/exit 185 feet South of the Southern and Olive intersection.

The proposed site plan shared on their website (www.mintecocarwash.com/traffic) shows that the newly acquired parcel will be used solely as the new site entrance/exit and an extension of the site’s driveway.  The new site plan will dramatically reduce any impact from car wash operations to the traffic flow at the Southern Boulevard and South Olive intersection.  Furthermore, the new parcel allows more customers to queue on the property, reducing the likelihood of the queue ever extending into South Olive traffic.  Finally, customers exiting the site will have an easier right/left turn onto Olive with the additional space.

Co-founder and CEO Geoffrey Jervis shared, “Mint Eco Car Wash is a relationship focused organization.  Our relationship with our community is, as such, of paramount importance.  At Mint Eco, it pains us to have any problems with the communities that we serve.  Unfortunately, we currently have such an issue, and we need the Community’s help to solve it. While we are willing to spend the time, energy, and money (estimated at over $1.25MM) to invest in this solution, we cannot accomplish this change alone. Mint Eco need’s your support in garnering final State and City approval for this project.”

To date, Mint Eco has presented this plan to the City, local elected officials, and the local neighborhood association (SENA) and have been encouraged by all parties. In SENA’s case, they received an official letter of support from the organization for this effort.

Mint Eco is asking local residents to write a letter of support for this project and/or sign their online petition (visit www.mintecocarwash.com/traffic to learn more). They are also inviting local residents to attend a public meeting on August 23, at 6:00 PM at the South Olive Community Center where they will be presenting the details of the entire proposed Traffic Improvement Plan and listening to feedback from the community. 

About Mint Eco:
Mint Eco Car Wash is bringing A Fresh Approach to Washing Cars™ across Palm Beach County, with its unique mission statement: “We exist to make people happy. We believe a clean car makes you feel good and makes you optimistic about the rest of your day. And we LOVE being in the business of selling happiness.” Founded in 2019 in West Palm Beach, Mint Eco was voted 2022 Best Car Wash in Palm Beach County and has grown to over 100 employees, washing hundreds of thousands of cars in the County to date.
Mint Eco currently operates three car washes in Palm Beach County: Mint Eco Car Wash Downtown, located at 316 Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach, Mint Eco Car Wash Jupiter, located at 220 Maplewood Drive in Jupiter, and Mint Eco Car Wash Okeechobee/Turnpike, located at 1950 Golden Lakes Boulevard in West Palm Beach, with plans to develop 50 more locations over the next several years. To learn more visit, www.mintecocarwash.com.
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